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ADM Animal Nutrition,  a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM). This partnership strengthens available resources and provides opportunities for new technologies and increased efficiencies - all aimed at making livestock producers more efficient.e best animal nutrition.

ADM supplies ingredients that make animal feed more nutritious. ADM produces a vast array of ingredients such as proteins, vitamin blends and amino acids. Used the world over, ADM feed ingredients can improve protein quality, nutritional standards, and the production efficiency of traditional animal nutrition and feed products.

Today’s livestock is larger, stronger and leaner. Advancements in feed must also be made to meet the nutritional requirements of these superior animals.

Each ADM Animal Nutrition product is specifically created to help producers meet the nutritional demands of modern livestock while balancing environmental concerns.

While in name ADM Animal Nutrition would appear to be a newcomer to the livestock feed industry, it is comprised of what were once several independent livestock feed companies. Most notable of those companies were MoorMan's, Consolidated Nutrition, Supersweet, Master Mix, and Tindle Feeds. The roots of some of these companies trace back to the late 1800's with a focus on improving livestock feed to help enrich America's food supply. In January 2002 these companies, under the ADM umbrella, were unified to form one ADM operating feed company, ADM Animal Nutrition.

OUR MISSION: To provide innovative, technologically advanced, and cost-effective products, services, and business solutions to optimize Customer opportunities for efficiency, performance, profitability, and satisfaction.

OUR VISION: To become the preferred nutritional resource company that provides value-added products, programs, services, and ingredients that meet the innovative feeding needs of our Customers.

Although ADM Animal Nutrition's research facilities are located in America's heartland, the Company serves livestock operations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico with manufacturing plants, distribution outlets, and dealers located in many marketing areas.

An expanded research facility in Mendon, Illinois, is capable of providing basic animal feed research and will be adaptable to the new technology requirements that are needed to work with the new co-products that have application in animal feed. ADM Alliance Nutrition’s research initiative has created an expanded foundation with broader scientific expertise for product development.

In addition to swine, beef, and specialty product research, ADM Animal Nutrition has a recognized presence in dairy research, with commercial dairy units actively involved in product development efforts. The university network of contacts and the industry alliance partner program facilitate the targeting of specific technologies for commercialization, enabling ADM Animal Nutrition to provide unique products and programs to its customers. ADM Animal Nutrition’s research program is a dedicated process, not a calendar event, enabling ADM Animal Nutrition to provide "Proven Performance from Innovative Nutrition.®"

Innovation requires a commitment to technology. By committing resources to research and technology, ADM Animal Nutrition stays on the cutting edge of delivering technologically advanced feed products.

Innovative nutrition goes beyond today's industry standard. ADM Animal Nutrition’s continual goal is to set new industry benchmarks for delivering optimum nutritional products; for example, collaborating with ADM to discover new animal and pet food applications for co-ingredients and value-added ADM technologies

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